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I'm a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.

5 November 1986
Jennifer, female, 27, scorpio

Addictions: books, coffee, movies, punk music, tv shows, Milo Ventimiglia, Doctor Who, Steffen Henssler

Hobbies: reading, writing, cooking, hanging out with friends, movie nights, shopping


Authors: Jane Austen, Paul Auster, Emily Bronte, Charles Dickens, Neil Gaiman, Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, Walter Moers, Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, Terry Pratchett, Joanne K. Rowling, Jerome D. Salinger, Friedrich Schiller, Kurt Vonnegut

Poets: William Blake, Allen Ginsberg, John Keats, Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allan Poe

Books: “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte, "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens, “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens, “Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader” by Anne Fadiman , “Bridget Jones Diary” by Helen Fielding, "The French Lieutenant's Woman" by John Fowles, “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac, “Cell” by Stephen King, "Duma Key" by Stephen King, “Misery” by Stephen King, “Pet Semetary” by Stephen King, “The Long Walk” by Stephen King, “The Gun Seller” by Hugh Laurie, “Please Kill Me” by Legs McNeil, “The City of Dreaming Books” by Walter Moers, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban” by J.K. Rowling, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” by J.K. Rowling, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows” by J.K. Rowling, “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, "Angel's Game" by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, “The Mennyms” by Sylvia Waugh, “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak

Stories: “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, “Old Man at the Bridge” by Ernest Hemingway, “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” by Z.Z. Packer, “Sentiment” by Dorothy Parker

Poems: “London” by William Blake, “Song” by Allen Ginsberg”, "Transcription of Organ Music" by Allen Ginsberg, “Der Erlkönig” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "Mad Girl's Love Song" by Sylvia Plath, “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe, “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe

Music: Bryan Adams, Clay Aiken, James Carrington, Peter Cincotti, Kelly Clarkson, Phil Collins, Christian Durstewitz, Bob Dylan, Adam Green, Elton John, Norah Jones, Janis Joplin, Mat Kearney, Carole King, Hugh Laurie, Meat Loaf, Stevie Nicks, Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Tyler, Robbie Williams

100 Monkeys, 30 Seconds to Mars, belle and sebastian, Blue Gillespie, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Counting Crows, Dashboard Confessional, Die Ärzte , Goo Goo Dolls, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Hinder, Hoobastank, Itchy Poopzkid, Kaiser Chiefs, Lifehouse, Nickelback, Nirvana, Plain White T’s, Ramones, Rascal Flats, Rogue Wave, Silbermond, Snow Patrol, Something Corporate, Sportfreunde Stiller , Sugar Ray, The Beatles, The Calling, The Clash, The Eagles, The Fray, The Killers, The Kooks, Three Doors Down, Yellowcard

Songs: “You’ve Got A Friend” (Carole King), “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (Simon and Garfunkel), “Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are” (Meat Loaf), “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (Judy Garland), “Nikita” (Elton John), “Your Song” (Elton John), “Daniel” (Elton John), “Konstantine” (Something Corporate), “All I Need” (Mat Kearney), “Hey There Delilah” (Plain White T’s), “Hotel California” (The Eagles), “Lips of an Angel” (Hinder), “Better Than Me” (Hinder), “The Reason” (Hoobastank), “Iris” (Goo Goo Dolls), “Guns of Brixton” (The Clash), “Lost in the Supermarket” (The Clash), “Brand New Cadillac” (The Clash), “leftrightwrong” (Itchy Poopzkid), “Silence is killing me” (Itchy Poopzkid), “Better off alone” (Itchy Poopzkid), “Unstillbare Gier” (Tanz der Vampire), “Totale Finsternis” (Tanz der Vampire), “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” (Meat Loaf and Marion Raven), “On My Own” (Les Miserables), “November Rain” (Guns ‘n’ Roses), “Patience” (Guns ‘n’ Roses), “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” (Bob Dylan), “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” (Ramones), “The KKK Took My Baby Away” (Ramones), “Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool” (Ramones), “Punckrockgirl” (Die Ärzte), “Schrei nach Liebe” (Die Ärzte), “Der Graf” (Die Ärzte), “Elke” (Die Ärzte), “Ache” (James Carrington), “Eyes” (Rogue Wave), “Mustang Sally” (Wilson Pickett), “Measure of a Man” (Clay Aiken), “Mr. Brightside” (The Killers), “When You Were Young” (The Killers), “Jeanny” (Falco), “Remember When” (Alan Jackson), “Blind” (Lifehouse), “Goodbye Philadelphia” (Peter Cincotti), “Philadelphia” (Bruce Springsteen), “Wherever You Will Go” (The Calling), “Walking in Memphis” (Marc Cohn), "These Things" (She Wants Revenge), "Superfreaks" (Rick James), "Something Between Us" (Belasco), "Karma Chameleon" (Culture Club), Romeo and Juliet (The Killers), Mr. Brightside (The Killers)

Actors: Penn Badgley, John Barrowman, George Clooney, James Dean, Johnny Depp, David Duchovny, Christopher Eccleston, Clark Gable, Josh Holloway, Rock Hudson, Shahrukh Khan, Hugh Laurie, Viggo Mortensen, Jackson Rathbone, David Tennant, Milo Ventimiglia

Actresses: Kristen Bell, Alexis Bledel, Helena Bonham Carter, Zooey Deschanel, Judy Garland, Karen Gillan, Lauren Graham, Katherine Heigl, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Hudson, Ali Larter, Evangeline Lilly, Blake Lively, Jennifer Morrison, Billie Piper, Aishwarya Rai, Amber Tamblyn, Catherine Tate, Nora Tschirner, Preity Zinta

Directors: Tim Burton, Cameron Crowe, Robert Rodriguez, Steven Soderbergh

Movies: “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Keinohrhasen”, “Rocky Balboa”, “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham”, “Veer-Zaara”, “Gone With The Wind”, “Casablanca”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “Benny and Joon”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “From Hell”, “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Sin City”, Pretty Woman”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Grease”, “Cruel Intentions”, "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Little Miss Sunshine", "Sweeney Todd", "The Orphanage", "Across the Universe", "The Notebook", "X Men", "The Bridge to Terabithia", "Armored", "Pathology", "Benny and Joon", "Fried Green Tomatoes", "Order of Chaos", "Blade Runner"

TV Shows: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Gilmore girls, Primeval, Heroes, House MD (seasons 1-3), The X Files, E.R., The Tribe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson's Creek, The Bedford Diaries, Türkisch für Anfänger, Veronica Mars, The Big Bang Theory, Topfgeldjäger

Mini Series: Pride and Prejudice (1995), Single Father, Syfy's Alice, Syfy's Tin Man, BBC's Casanova

Ships: Jess/Rory (Gilmore girls), 10th Doctor/Rose (Doctor Who), Jack/Ianto (Torchwood), Jack/Gwen (Torchwood), Connor/Abbey (Primeval), Mulder/Scully (The X Files), House/Cameron (House MD), Peter/Claire (Heroes), Peter/Nathan (Heroes), Dan/Serena (Gossip Girl), Sawyer/Kate (Lost), Pacey/Joey (Dawson's Creek), Future!Peter/Becky (Heroes/Sin City), Heathcliff/Catherine (Wuthering Heights), Dodger/Nancy (Oliver Twist), Darcy/Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice), Jasper/Alice (Twilight), Alice/Hatter (Syfy's Alice), D.G./Tin Man (Tin Man)

Literati mood theme credits to watcher_junior
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Firefly animated mood theme credits to kohler