LuckyDucky (the_lucky_ducky) wrote,

Let's see if I can do that

snagged from cold_queen_5

1. Pick one of my fics and pick out a sentence or two from one of my stories. Complete sentences, please; give me a sporting chance here.
2. Post that sentence in a comment here. I will respond with which story of mine I think it's from. If I catch myself cheating, I will be very cross with myself.
3. If you stump me, I will...maybe, possibly, honor a prompt that you give me.

Ok, I've written A LOT over the past years and most of it I haven't looked at since publishing. But I'll try. (And hope you won't pick the sentences my co-authors have written, cause then I'd be completely lost *lol*)

But you said you didn't read much? - Well, what is much? - current read: New Moon - Stephenie Meyer; Neun Erzählungen( Nine Stories) - J.D. Salinger; The Girl of the Golden West - David Belasco
Tags: fanfiction, memes/tests/quizzes, writings: english, writings: german

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